What You Will Need For Lessons

Time – Money – Trust – Patience – Resilience

Ensure your success as a student with these 5 essentials:


You will need time to attend lessons yourself or with your child, if the child is taking lessons. Lessons are held once a week and run for between 25 minutes and 50 minutes. Children that attend lessons are required to have a coach, a significant adult in their life, that will participate in the piano lessons with them. Adult students, you will be your own coach!

Students will also need time to practice, most days of the week, for a minimum of 15 minutes initially. The practice time you require will increase as your repertoire grows. For children, the student’s coach will need to assist them with practice.


In addition to paying for lessons, the students will need an instrument to practice on at home. What instrument should you get?

Buy the best instrument you can afford. We would all love that grand piano, but most of us can’t afford one. An electric keyboard is fine. The minimum requirements are:

  • 61 keys (standard size is 88 keys)
  • full size keys (not 3/4 size for small hands)
  • weighted keys (that you have to push down to make a sound)
  • a sustain pedal. All pianos have one. With keyboards, you may need to purchase one separately.
  • you will need access to the internet as our Student Home Materials are digital.
  • a tablet or laptop for use at the piano or keyboard.


You need to trust that the Simply Music way of teaching to play works! Just as you trust your child’s school teacher to teach your child to read, you need to trust me that I can teach you how to play.

Occasionally, that may involve asking you to do something that is out of your comfort zone. This is part of the learning process and will help build your all round musicianship.

“You never know where homework will lead” Mem Fox, Australian author of children’s book Possum Magic, which Mem wrote as a University assignment.


You need to be patient with yourself. Like anything new we learn, it takes time. You couldn’t walk straight away when you tried as a baby, it took time for your co-ordination and muscles to develop.

It’s the same with learning to play the piano. It will take time for your skills to develop. I can assure you that you will get there, if you do what I ask. Don’t focus too much on the destination, make sure you enjoy the journey!


Our goal is for you to have playing the piano as a life-long companion. With that goal in mind, what do you do when your child wants to quit music lessons? The majority of parents let their child stop lessons, as they don’t want to force them to do something they don’t want to do. Or maybe you are an adult student who thinks that they have lost interest.

Neil Moore, the founder of Simply Music, discovered that the reason children want to quit lessons is because they don’t have any experience in long-term relationships. And that’s exactly what music lessons are, a long term relationship! To help you understand the highs and lows of your long-term music relationship, Neil Moore wrote his book “Music and The Art of Long Term Relationships”. He has provided this book as an e-book for free, for everyone! You can download your copy here:https://simplymusic.com/book-maltr/

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