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  • Play songs immediately without reading music
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  • Easy to learn, fun to play
  • Suitable for complete beginners

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    Piano lessons for Seniors that are easy, social and fun. In this 4 week workshop, you will discover a taste of Simply Music Piano lessons at a heavily discounted rate. You will learn to play 4 great sounding songs in 4 weeks with both hands.

    We don’t take things too seriously. There are no boring drills or scales to play and no exams. We teach you to play by playing great sounding songs, without the need to read music first. We want you to love your learning experience and have the shear joy of playing piano.

    You will learn to play one contemporary, one blues, one classical and one accompaniment piece in 4 weeks. Why not give it a try?

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    See What Our Students Have To Say

    “Without exception, all lessons have been fun and inspirational – have left me wanting more. I love Leeanne’s enthusiasm, attention to detail and her hands on approach.”

    Rosemary Wall
    Verified Customer

    “I have found Tinkling Ivories to be very professional. Leeanne gives you so much with her teaching and patience. I could not recommend her highly enough.”

    Robyn Hundt
    Verified Customer

    “I am only a very new student, and one that has had previous traditional piano lessons, but my experience with this method has been fantastic. I love that you are taught from the very beginning to actually play music without having to learn to read a “new language” or study theory, and I also love how these skills are developed over time. Leeanne has been enthusiastic, friendly and extremely encouraging and I thoroughly enjoy each lesson.”

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    Denise Mitchell
    Verified Customer

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