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    In this 4 week workshop, you will discover a taste of Play-a-Story lessons at a heavily discounted rate. You will learn for yourself and your child a world of creativity and fun.

    Do you want a piano method for your kids that is fun and easy to learn? Without the pressure of having to learn to read music or do exams? Play-a-Story was created specifically for 4-6 year old children. Kids learn to improvise on the piano to a digital story beautifully illustrated on the screen. Children feel inspired to play and create their own music.

    Their imagination can run wild as they immerse themselves in the story. Children are given the freedom to create while learning to play at the same time.

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    “The lessons are enjoyable and the music is fun.”

    Piano Online

    Claire O’Loughlin & Noah Williams
    Verified Customer

    “The piano lessons with you are one of the best things I have done.
    You have given us a wonderful passion that will continue with us.”

    Angela Heiss, mum of students Lucy and Katie
    Verified Customer

    “The lessons are fun, awesome and relaxing.”

    Piano Online

    Cameron Powell
    Verified Customer

    “What I like most about this method is it is a great start to a musical future.
    It is easy to get the hang of.”

    student testimonial Ovinde-de-Silva

    Ovinde De Silva
    Verified Customer

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