Studio Policies

Our Goals

To enable you to have playing the piano as a companion for life.

To have you be a well rounded musician, capable of playing all genres of music, as well as improvising and composing.

You will have a large repertoire

You will have an ability to self-generate

You will love music

You will have a highly positive learning experience

Our Studio

The studio is in private premises at 91 Murray Street East, Colac, Victoria, Australia.  Other people may be present in the house, but not the studio, during lessons.

You may have access to the foyer/waiting area, the piano room, the toilet and the bathroom.  Other rooms of the house are strictly off limits.

The studio has a beautiful new Beale baby grand piano which is kept regularly tuned.

Two cats live in the premises and do go into the studio when no lessons are being held.  They will not be present during lessons. If you are allergic to cat hair, you may choose to have online lessons.

The studio and waiting room are cleaned regularly.  The piano keyboard will be cleaned and disinfected prior to each lesson.

You may contact the studio at any reasonable time with any questions you may have regarding the program or material covered during the lesson.


There is ample parking in the driveway and on the street.

Lessons & Attendance

Your teacher will allocate a time and day of the week for you to attend your lesson.

Lessons are non-transferable. If you cannot attend your lesson, there is no make-up lesson nor refund.

You will attend one lesson per week.

The lessons taught will be the Simply Music Foundation programs and supplemental programs offered by Simply Music and any other material deemed appropriate by your teacher and/or the Play-a-Story program or the Simply Music Gateway Program.

Lessons offered are either private, being one student with the teacher or shared, with a maximum of 3 students per group, unless otherwise arranged with the Studio.

Lesson length will vary according to the number of students in each shared lesson as follows:

  • 30 minutes for 1 student – Simply Music or Simply Music Gateway
  • 35 minutes for 2 students – Simply Music
  • 40 minutes for 3 students – Simply Music
  • 50 minutes for 4 or more students – Simply Music

All Play-a-Story classes will run for 25 minutes, regardless of the number of students.

It may be necessary for your teacher to move you into a different shared lesson group from time to time.

If a suitable shared lesson group is not available, you may be given the option to take private lessons or be placed on a waiting list until a shared lesson group is available.

Lessons will be held at the Tinkling Ivories Piano Studio or online unless advised otherwise by your teacher.

All students under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian in class, who will be their coach.

Only one parent or guardian (the Coach) may attend lessons unless otherwise arranged with the studio.

Additional children that are not enrolled in the lesson cannot attend the lesson.

It is imperative that you are on time for your lesson.  If you are running late, please call the studio to inform the teacher.

Any recitals or performances attended by the student will be in lieu of that week’s lesson.

Parents or guardians of young students, please ensure your child has been to the toilet prior to class commencing.

Please ensure your hands are clean.

No food, drink or gum allowed in the piano room during lessons.  You may bring a bottle of water with a lid or a drink bottle.  Throat lozenges are acceptable, provided that they are taken in a manner which does not distract the class.

Enrolment, Lesson Fees, Student Home Materials and Payment

Minimum enrolment is one term of lessons, however, we suggest that a year of lessons is needed before you will be a decent piano player and start really enjoying it.

Prior to commencement of your first lesson, payment is required in advance of one term of lessons.

Payment of lessons is non-refundable.

You will be required to purchase Student Home Materials (SHM) from Simply Music Piano when instructed by your teacher.  Purchase of SHMs is compulsory.  You will be notified in class when new materials are required.  Play-a-Story and Simply Music Gateway SHM are required to be purchased prior to commencement of lessons.

Please note:  it is against the teacher’s Licence Agreement with Simply Music and Inner Musician to teach you without you purchasing SHM.  If you turn up to class without purchasing SHM you will be sent home and will forfeit that lesson.

Payment for tuition fees may be made by cash, cheque (proceeds of which will not be credited until the cheque has cleared), credit card via PayPal (, direct deposit or electronic funds transfer into the following bank account:

Name:  JS & LE Innes                                 Bank:  Commonwealth Bank

BSB:  063-009                                            Account no:  10510565

Please use the student’s name as a reference.  The first initial and surname is acceptable.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the studio.


The studio offers the following family discounts:

  • 20% discount off the monthly tuition fee per additional student.  This applies to immediate family only.
  • Life Coach (parent)/Student discount.  50% discount off the cost of lessons for the Life Coach.  This must be taken as a shared lesson.

All student home materials can be shared between immediate family.

Referral Incentive

Please see the Referral Incentives page here:

A $5.00 ‘reward’ will be given to students if the student or coach gives a review regarding lessons at the studio online.  This applies to Facebook, Twitter, Gumtree, Google, etc.  It does not apply to reviews that the Studio has used as testimonials.  Your reward will be given as a discount off your next term’s tuition.  To obtain your reward, please email the studio the web link to the review.  For multiple student families, please indicate which student you would like the reward applied to.


The studio operates by the Victoria, Australia school terms for 2020, which are as follows:

  • Term 1: 27th January 2020 to 28th March 2020 (9 weeks)
  • Term 2: 14th April 2020 to 27th June 2020 (10 weeks)
  • Term 3: 13th July 2020 to 19th September 2020 (9 weeks)
  • Term 4: 5th October 2020 to 19th December 2020 (10 weeks)

The studio is closed on Public Holidays. If your lesson falls on a Public Holiday, you will be offered another day if one is available. Public Holidays for 2020 are:

  • 1st January – New Year’s Day
  • 27th January – Australia Day
  • 9th March – Labour Day
  • 10th-13th April – Easter
  • 25th April – Anzac Day
  • 8th June – Queen’s Birthday
  • 3rd November – Melbourne Cup
  • 25th December – Christmas Day
  • 26th December – Boxing Day
  • 28th December – Boxing Day Public Holiday

Please notify the studio if you are taking holidays.  No credit is given for missed lessons due to holidays.  If you are taking a term or more leave, you may pay your tuition to retain your spot in the studio and continue to have online access to Better Practice App.  If you are in private lessons, you opt not to pay the fee and your spot is available on your return, you may continue as before.  If your spot is no longer available, you will be offered another class time.  If the studio is full, you will be put on the waiting list.  If you are in a group, you will be offered another shared lesson if one is available, or private lessons.

Sick Leave

If you feel sick or are sick, please do not attend class to avoid the spread of illness to others. If you feel well enough to have your lesson online, you may do so.

Telephone or email the studio as soon as you are aware that you cannot attend class.

Your teacher will provide you, by email or telephone, details of what was covered in your missed class (applies to shared lessons only).

You will review the homework your teacher has set you so you are up to date when you return to classes (applies to shared lessons only).

There is no credit for missed classes.

If you are in a shared lesson, makeup classes will be offered if you require them at additional cost (see Catch Up Lessons).

If your teacher is sick, the teacher will notify you by telephone or email as soon as the teacher is aware that the class cannot be held.  Credit will be given for classes cancelled by the teacher due to illness.  The credit will be applied to the next term’s tuition.

Catch Up Lessons (applies to shared lessons only)

If you have missed classes, the studio may offer you one or more Catch Up Lessons.  The lessons may be conducted as a group or privately, depending on need.  The Catch Up Lessons are designed to have you back with your shared lesson group as soon as possible.  Catch Up Lessons will incur additional lesson fees.

Dress Code

Neat, casual clothing or school uniforms may be worn.  No offensive slogans or pictures on clothing.


Strictly no smoking anywhere on the premises.

Please turn off your mobile phone or switch it to silent during class.

If you blow your nose, you are required to either wash your hands or use the hand sanitiser before going to the keyboard – no exceptions.

Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated.  Unruly behaviour means answering back or being rude, hitting, spitting, biting or generally having a tantrum.  The teacher may direct the Coach to deal with a problem if she feels it is impacting on the class.  If a child becomes unteachable during the lesson, the teacher may finish up the lesson for the day.  This time is forfeited and cannot be made up.

Special Needs:  the teacher will work with the parent/guardian to achieve the best possible outcome for the student.  The teacher has not had training dealing with violence and is unable to take students with violent tendencies.

The studio will not tolerate discrimination of any kind based on race, religion, sexual preference, disability or any other act which may be considered discriminatory.

The studio is not to be used as a platform for promoting any business, politics, sale of goods, religious views or anything whatsoever other than the teaching of the Simply Music program.

Student Requirements

The student is to follow the direction of the teacher at all times.

The student is to practice at the same time every day, with one rest day per week.  Practice is not required on the day of the lesson.

Practice time is a minimum of 15 minutes.

Playlists:  Use the Better Practice App and enter your practice each session.

Write down in your note book exactly what the teacher tells you and nothing else.

The student and/or parent must not watch ahead in the Student Home Materials.

Parent or Guardian Requirements (where student is a minor)

A parent or guardian must attend the lesson with the student when a student is under 16 years of age and be an active part of the lesson.  A parent or guardian may attend the lesson when the student is between the age of 16 and 18 years of age, but this is not required by the studio.

Be supportive of the student’s requirement to attend lessons and to practise.  To be encouraging and non-critical.

To ensure that the student practises, even when they don’t want to.

Provide the student with a full size piano or keyboard with weighted keys and a sustain pedal.

Keep the student’s piano regularly tuned.

Follow the teacher’s direction and take notes in class on behalf of the student.

Guide the student with the use of the Student Home Materials.

Discontinuation of Lessons

If you need to or wish to discontinue lessons, please provide two week’s notice in writing to the studio, by letter or email. No refund will be provided on the Term’s tuition fee.

Studio Policies

If any breach of the Studio Policies occurs, you will be contacted by telephone to discuss the issue.

By enrolling in the Studio, you agree to the terms and conditions of the Studio Policies.

Any amendments or additions to the Studio Policies will be provided by email.

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