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Changing The Culture of Music Lessons

  • Breakthrough Playing Based Approach
  • Play Immediately From Your First Lessons
  • Acquire 35-50 Songs In Your First Year
  • Play Songs, Not Boring Scales and Drills
  • No Exams
  • Learn To Improvise Like A Ninja!
  • Play Jazz And Blues Like A Boss

  • The No 1 Playing Technique That Will Change Your Life

  • The Benefit of Group Lessons

  • Modern Playing Technique

Breakthrough Playing Based Method

Traditional piano lessons Colac and live online piano lessons Geelong use a reading-based approach. For Simply Music Piano lessons, we use a non-traditional playing-based piano method called Simply Music.

Simply Music Piano

With the Simply Music method you learn how to play the piano by playing the piano. Using single thought processes makes this method so simple everyone can learn to play. It’s easy to follow and a lot of fun. It focuses on the sheer joy of playing the piano.

You will play great sounding songs, with both hands together from your very first lessons. Within your first year of lessons, you will be playing a variety of genres of music including pop, classical, blues and accompaniments. You will have 30-60 songs in your repertoire that you can play anytime, anywhere.

After about a year of lessons, we then teach you how to read music.

It doesn’t have to take months or years for you to learn to play music with the Simply Music method. We have beginning students play songs, not boring scales or drills. Picture this: the joy of you or your child being able to play great sounding music after just a few lessons.

No Exams

We want to concentrate on the joy of playing great music.  We don’t need to worry about a piece of paper that says you are at a certain level.

At the end of the day, being able to play the music you love is what matters.

How To Improvise Like A Ninja!

Imagine being able to just sit down and play your own music, your own way, anytime, without being stuck to a page.  To be able to express yourself creatively and musically.  I will teach you to do this with my piano lessons.Simply Music Piano

How To Play Jazz and Blues Like A Boss

What if you feel in the mood to play some Blues or Jazz?  You can learn to do this with my program.  You could be playing a 12 Bar Blues piece by your 3rd lesson!  All without written music, so you can play anytime, anywhere.

The No 1 Playing Technique That Will Change Your Life

Simply Music PianoPicture this: you at the piano, surrounded by your friends or family, playing your favourite music. Just like they do at the Piano Bar. Whether it be modern Pop, ’80’s music, Elvis, The Beatles or Frank Sinatra. Using the Simply Music Accompaniment Program you can play the music you want to play easily. Or maybe you would like to lead your worship team at Church or play in a band. You could be learning the tools to play Accompaniments by your 4th lesson!

The Benefit of Group Lessons

Imagine a piano lesson where you get to feel socially engaged, play duets, collaborate with other musicians, receive feedback from your peers and feel encouraged.  That’s what shared lessons are all about.  They are fun too!

Modern Playing Technique

Simply Music PianoWe believe playing should be easy and pain free for everyone. We use the Reese Piano Technique which has successfully enabled students to get back to playing the piano. Imagine being able to play without pain, even if you have arthritis, fibromyalgia or other muscular-skeletal conditions.

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