Referral Incentive

Want to earn free piano lessons?

Just refer 3 friends per term and you will not pay for your next term of lessons!

As a thank you for referring students to Tinkling Ivories Piano Studio, you receive $100.00 AUD for each student you refer. The following terms and conditions apply:

  • the student must be new to the studio (not been previously enrolled)
  • the referrer will receive $100.00 AUD deducted from their invoice for their next term of lessons
  • this does not apply to immediate family, ie. parents, if a child is enrolled, husband, wife (including de facto), children living at home
  • the referral incentive will not be exchanged for cash
  • the referral incentive will only be awarded once the referred person has enrolled and paid for a term of lessons
  • a maximum of 3 referrals per term will be awarded to each referrer
  • Tinkling Ivories Piano Studio reserves the right to cancel the referral incentive scheme at any time without notice
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