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Take Play-a-Story Piano Lessons From Tinkling Ivories Piano Studio

Piano Lessons For KidsDo you want a piano method for your kids that is fun and easy to learn? Without the pressure of having to learn to read music or do exams? Play-a-Story was created specifically for 4-6 year old children. Kids learn to improvise on the piano to a digital story beautifully illustrated on the screen. Children feel inspired to play and create their own music.

Their imagination can run wild as they immerse themselves in the story. Children are given the freedom to create while learning to play at the same time.

If you are looking for piano lessons for kids, you have come to the right place.

piano lessons for kids

What Is Improvisation?

Improvising is really just making something up on the spot. In your lessons, you learn a bunch of tools and you keep them in your toolbox. When you play, you choose some of those tools to make your music. Sounds difficult? Not really. It is perfectly natural, something we all do everyday. When we speak, we are improvising!

Piano Lessons For Kids

You learn words and keep them stored in your brain – in your memory. When you go to speak, you choose words from your memory to form what you are going to say. You don’t read from a script!

Not Just For Little Kids!

Pianists of all ages and skill level can benefit from learning to improvise. In fact, being creative on your instrument is critical nutrition for your brain. All students at Tinkling Ivories Piano Studio are given improvisation training, regardless of their age. The older children and adult students play along to movies instead of using the story book.

Do You Want To Play Jazz and Blues?

Do you know that most Jazz and Blues music is improvised? That’s right! Jazz and Blues pianists follow a lead sheet with the band and make up riffs or licks on the spot. So if you want to play Jazz and Blues, you need to learn how to improvise first. I can teach you this with the Play-a-Story program.

Are you struggling with putting feeling into your playing?

Piano Lessons For Kids

Most classically trained pianists are not taught how to improvise or how to express themselves. They read the articulations on the sheet music and that is how they play. Would you love to learn how to naturally express yourself with your playing? For experienced players that wish to do this, Play-a-Story can be offered as a stand-alone program. I can help you put real feeling into your playing with this program.

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