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Leeanne Innes is a Licensed Simply Music Teacher. She began teaching piano lessons out of her home in Perth, Western Australia in 2014.

In her own words…

I grew up in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. I was always a musical child. I loved playing records and singing along. I would also make up my own songs. I think I was always meant to be a teacher. I would line all my dolls up and give them homework to do.

My piano journey is not your typical one. I had piano lessons through my school and started when I was 13. I did the traditional Australian Music Examinations Board curriculum and theory. I loved to play, but I hated doing exams. I was so scared I would make a mistake, because we were told mistakes were bad. Like most kids, I ended up quitting when I was 16.

When I was 29, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. During a counselling session I was asked “what do you do every day, just for yourself, for your own pleasure?”  I realised it was nothing. I immediately decided I wanted to play the piano. I bought some teach yourself to play books and started at home by myself. The only thing I could remember from my earlier lessons was where middle C was! The reading of music came back to me fairly quickly, but my playing was limited. I wanted to improve.

I decided I would like to teach piano. When searching online for information, I stumbled across Simply Music. I had never heard of it before. It immediately resonated with me. Play Piano Immediately. That’s what I wanted to do, be able to play well!

I applied to Simply Music to train as a teacher and was accepted. I completed my teacher training in 2013 and opened my studio in 2014.

The things I love most about Simply Music are:

  • Not having to play scales – boring!
  • Playing great sounding music, no Mary Had A Little Lamb.
  • Playing Blues and Jazz, so much fun!
  • Improvising and composing my own music, something I was never taught before.
  • The Accompaniment Program – giving you access to playing any song you can sing along with.
  • Getting to teach this program!

I am passionate about teaching and achieving the best outcome for each and every student. To me, it’s so much more than piano lessons. I want to make a difference in people’s lives. I believe that the Simply Music method achieves this.

I am currently studying with Lyndel Kennedy, owner of Innermusician and creator of Play-a-Story.

I love making students dreams of playing the piano come true.

If you are looking for an in person piano teacher or a live online piano teacher, Leeanne would love to help you!

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