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Take Live Online Piano Lessons From Tinkling Ivories Piano Studio

online piano lessonsAre you worrying about attending in person piano lessons because of COVID-19? Don’t worry, because Tinkling Ivories Piano Studio offers live online piano lessons!

All you need is a smart phone or a webcam on your computer, laptop or tablet. You can learn to play piano from the comfort of your home!

  • No need to drive to lessons
  • Save your valuable time 

  • Save $$$ on petrol
  • Avoid catching bugs like COVID-19, colds or flu

And the best thing for you with live piano lessons?

It doesn’t matter where you are, around the corner, across the other side of the state, the country or the world, you still get the same amazing piano lessons as if you’re here in the studio.

Now we can help you!

We understand you are worried about catching COVID-19 and other illnesses. We have the equipment to teach piano lessons online. Modern technology enables us to do this easily.

We will help you set up to get the best learning experience.

You can learn to play piano and be totally safe!

You want to experience life as normally as possible even when the world is turned upside down by things like COVID-19. Don’t put off having piano lessons until this crisis is over. We don’t know how long it will last. Don’t let it stop you from having live piano lessons online with us. We are here to help you.

Sign up for a Free Introductory Session and find out how we can help you achieving your dream without having to worry about traveling to lessons.

If  you are in Colac or any surrounding areas and wouldn’t mind coming in, we always welcome you to check out our piano lessons in Colac. Whether you prefer in-person lessons or lessons virtually, you get the same amazing Simply Music piano lessons.

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