Learning to play before learning to read. It’s a perfectly natural way of learning.

When babies are born, they start to babble. After some months they start forming baby words, like “nana” for banana. Their language develops into small sentences, then bigger sentences. When they are about 5 or 6, they go to school and learn to read.

We do the same with piano lessons. We teach you to play by immersing you in the joy of playing. Once you are confidently playing, then we teach you to read music.

By temporarily delaying the need to read music in order to play, the speed with which your playing skills develop is dramatically increased!

Find out more about the type of lessons we offer:

A program specifically designed for 4-7 year old children.  This program captures children’s natural sense of creativity through play and uses their own imagination on the keyboard.

Learn more about Play-a-Story lessons: https://www.innermusician.com/intl/

The Simply Music Piano method was created by Australian Neil Moore after he was asked to teach a sight-impaired child to play piano.  This breakthrough program has children, teens, adults and seniors playing great sounding music within a few lessons. Suitable for ages 7 and up.

Learn more about Simply Music lessons here: https://simplymusic.com/students/

For those with special needs, such as learning difficulties, Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum, neurological dysfunction, acquired brain injury and ADHD.  This program co-created by Neil Moore and Karen Nisensen of Arts For Healing provides a ‘gateway’ into the world of music and the opportunity for anyone to play piano.

Learn more about Simply Music Gateway lessons: https://simplymusicgateway.com/

Live Online Lessons

For those who do not have local access to a Simply Music or Play-a-Story teacher, we offer live online lessons. The lessons work much the same as if you were learning with a teacher in the studio.

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