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Frequently Asked Questions

I do shift work and my work schedule varies. When can I have lessons?2021-01-12T10:43:53+11:00

For shift workers, we have you as a “floater”.  We fit your lesson in according to both our schedules each week.  You will need to have private lessons.

What dates can I enrol?2021-01-12T10:41:47+11:00

We go by the month and enrol all year around.  As payment dates for tuition fall on the first of the month, you start at the beginning of the month to get the most benefit.

Do I have to sing?2021-01-12T10:40:18+11:00

Not if you don’t want to.  Singing does help you keep track of where you are while playing.  If you don’t like the sound of your voice, you can just sing in your head.

What do I do if I want to take holidays during the year?2021-01-12T10:38:42+11:00

That’s fine, you can take time off whenever you like.  If you want to retain your spot, you need to pay your tuition fee to hold it.  If you don’t pay, we will give you a spot if it’s available when you get back.

Can I drop my child off at lessons or do I have to stay?2021-01-12T10:33:36+11:00

We require a responsible adult, be it parent, guardian or grandma, to be at the lessons.  The adult will need to be an active part of the lesson, learning alongside the child.  The adult will then assist the child at home with practice.  If you are unable to do this, ask about our Home Coach Program.

Do you teach adults?2021-01-12T10:27:32+11:00

Yes, there is no age limit on piano lessons.  In fact, studies have proven that music lessons are the best form of brain training.  The eldest Simply Music student I know was in the USA and started lessons at 97!

I’m unsure if my children will like lessons. We want to try it out, is that okay?2021-01-11T16:31:08+11:00

Yes, absolutely.  Our minimum enrolment is two months.

Are lessons run all year around or by the school term?2021-01-11T16:29:34+11:00

Lessons are run all year around.  We have the week off whenever a public holiday falls in Victoria, Australia.  Please see our Calendar page for more information.

I want to enrol one child in lessons. Can I bring my other kids to the lesson?2021-01-11T16:27:36+11:00

No.  Only the student and one parent (as coach) are allowed in the lesson.

Do you do exams?2021-01-11T16:25:57+11:00

No, there are no exams.  However, the students are assessed in studio at the end of each Foundation Level to ensure they are ready to move on to the next level.

How often are lessons?2021-01-11T16:24:51+11:00

Lessons are held once a week.

Can families share Student Home Materials?2021-01-11T16:24:13+11:00

Yes, absolutely.

Do you offer family discounts? I want both my children and myself to have lessons.2021-01-11T16:23:30+11:00

Yes, we want to make lessons affordable for families.  Each additional student from immediate family receives $10.00 off their monthly tuition fee.

Can you come to my house to teach me?2021-01-11T16:21:47+11:00

No, you will need to come to the studio in Colac, or have lessons online.

How long are your lessons?2021-01-11T16:16:59+11:00

Lesson length will vary depending on the age of the student and whether it is a shared or private lesson.  We cover all this in the Free Introductory Session.  The average lesson time is 30 minutes.

What are your prices?2020-12-23T15:45:59+11:00

We choose not to list our lesson fees for two reasons:

  1. The method we teach is unique. We want you to check what we offer before we tell you our fees. We want you to know all about us and the method before you decide. It makes sense to find out about fees after you know the value of what we offer. Come to one of our Free Introductory Sessions to find out more about us.
  2. If you’re price shopping for piano lessons, it’s really hard to compare us to any other piano studio in Colac since no one does what we do. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. At Tinkling Ivories Piano Studio we pride ourselves on the value that we can bring to you. We care about results more than anything.
I’m an adult beginner, will this method work for me?2020-12-23T15:55:53+11:00

Of course, we have taught many adults to play using the Simply Music method. Most adults just want to get straight into playing great sounding music. We do this by delaying the reading of music. You will play with both hands from the very beginning.

What do I do if I want to cancel lessons?2020-12-23T15:59:38+11:00

We have a 30 day cancellation policy. Give us 30 days notice in writing when you want to finish lessons.

Do I have to sign a contract for piano lessons?2020-12-23T16:03:07+11:00

No, not a contract.  You will sign an Enrolment Form and agree to our Studio Policies before we accept you as a student.  You pay by the month and can cancel anytime.

What age does a child need to be to start lessons?2020-12-23T16:07:14+11:00

We start children from 4 years of age with a shortened class and using the Play-a-Story program.  After a month or two, when the child is ready, we introduce the Simply Music curriculum.  Older children are generally ready to start with Simply Music straight away.

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