(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How much are your lessons?
A. Lesson cost equates to $30 AUD (Australian) per lesson

Q. How long are your lessons?
A. For a private student, lessons are 30 minutes long. For shared lessons, an extra 5 minutes is added per student. All Play-a-Story lessons are 25 minutes long.

Q. Can you come to my house to teach me?
A. No, you will need to come to my studio, or have a lesson online.

Q. Do you offer family discounts? I want both my children and myself to have lessons.
A. Yes! We want to make lessons affordable for families. Each subsequent child from immediate family receives a 20% discount on fees. The parent attending the lesson as a coach receives a 50% discount.

Q. Can families share Student Home Materials?
A. Yes, absolutely.

Q. How often are lessons?
A. Lessons are typically held once a week.

Q. Do you do exams?
A. No, there are no exams. However, the students are assessed in studio at the end of each level to ensure they are ready to move on to the next level.

Q. I want to enrol one child in lessons. Can I bring my other kids to the lesson?
A. No. Only the student and one parent (as coach) are allowed in the lesson.

Q. Are lessons run all year around?
A. Lessons are run according to the Victoria, Australia school term. There are 4 terms per year. Details are in our Studio Policies.

Q. I’m unsure if my children will like lessons, we want to try it out. Is that okay?
A. I suggest you enrol your children in one of our workshops, details of which are on the Lessons page. Then they can decide if they want to continue with lessons.

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