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Tinkling Ivories Piano Studio

learn to play pianoTinkling Ivories Piano Studio is Colac’s only instruction centre offering Colac and live online piano lessons using the Simply Music Piano method. The method is a breakthrough. We teach students how to play piano by playing songs from the beginning.

Did you know that only a fraction of the population can express itself musically?

We not only want you to be able to express yourself by playing music, we want you to have playing music as your lifelong companion.

We offer piano lessons for all levels. From complete beginners to advanced players who want to add to their playing skills. Our teachers are fully qualified in delivering the Simply Music method to achieve this.

The Simply Music method, the Better Practice App and the Power of Two Accelerated program put us in a unique position as the only studio that offers this kind of service in Australia.

For more information about our teachers, check out our teachers’ bios.

Our Blueprint For Your Success

playing piano with teacher

  1. We deliver lessons where Students routinely acquire and retain music as a lifelong companion.
  2. Our Students experience playing as natural self-expression.
  3. Our Students have the ability to play a large repertoire covering varying musical styles.
  4. Our Students have the ability to self generate, i.e. the ability to learn on their own. This includes developing a strong foundation in music reading and theory.
  5. Our Students have a highly enjoyable experience learning with us.

Whether you are a child, teenager, adult, or senior looking for in person piano lessons or live online piano lessons, we can have you play great sounding songs the day you start lessons.

To schedule a Free Introductory Session, please call our office at 0403 327 668 or you can click on the button below to sign up online.

Our Guiding Values

music lessons at tinkling ivories piano studio1. Excellence
We aim to bring you our very best in everything we do.

2. Communication
We believe in open and honest communication with our students and their families.

3. Innovation
We continuously update our lessons to reflect modern practices and new technology.

4. Care
We want our students and their families to have a highly positive learning experience.

5. Music as a lifelong companion
We desire a world where everybody plays music and enjoys the benefits that go with playing music.

Learn Today, Play Today!
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