Want to learn to play piano? There is a better way…..

We have been told for hundreds of years that in order to play piano, we must learn to read music first.  The problem with learning to read music is that it takes time, it is after all, learning a new language!  Imagine if we flipped the order, learned to play first and then learned to read………

“What I like most about Simply Music is that it is a great start to a musical future. It is easy to get the hang of.” Ovinde, age 10

“The lessons are enjoyable and the music is fun.” Claire & Noah

“The piano lessons with you are one of the best things I have done. You have given us a wonderful passion that will continue with us.” Angela

“The lessons are fun, awesome and relaxing” Cameron, age 10

“I did not expect the lessons to be fun, not like my prior experience with traditional lessons. I am amazed by the number of songs on my playlist, it gets bigger every week.” Khristela

“I like that I am allowed to go at my own pace, considering my prior traditional experience.” Denise