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Tinkling Ivories Piano Studio Offers Piano Lessons In Colac and Live Online Piano Lessons Geelong and World Wide Using Australian Piano Method That Has Students Playing Great Sounding Songs From Their Very First Lessons!

This breakthrough method makes piano lessons in Colac live online piano lessons Geelong and world wide
easy and fun

If you are searching for piano lessons in Colac live online piano lessons in Geelong, Lara, Warrnambool or world wide you need to know this.

86% of piano students quit within the first two years. Most students hate practicing and their parents hate nagging them to practice.

Students and parents both end up disappointed with the results of their piano lessons.

piano lessons in Colac live online piano lessons Geelong

With traditional piano lessons, in order to be able to play, you need to be able to read music. This approach is tedious and takes a long time. It is designed to train classical pianists for concert performance and only a few succeed. Most students get bored and parents get frustrated. You have wasted your hard earned money on lessons and no longer play.

What If There Is A Better Way To Learn To Play Piano? One That Is Easy To Learn And Fun To Play?

piano lessons in Colac live online piano lessons Geelong

Imagine being able to come home and sit at the piano and just play. Not from a music book, but from your heart. Being able to choose to play classical, blues, jazz, contemporary or accompaniments, whatever tickles your fancy at the time. Imagine being able to express yourself musically through improvisation and composition. All from your very first lessons.

Your Search for Piano Lessons in Colac Live Online Piano Lessons Geelong and World Wide Stops Here!

Free Introductory Session

What Makes Tinkling Ivories Piano Studio So Different?

The Method

piano lessons in Colac live online piano lessons Geelong
  • Breakthrough Playing Based Approach
  • Play Immediately From Your First Lessons
  • Acquire 35 – 50 Songs In Your First Year
  • Play Songs, Not Scales and Drills

  • No Exams

  • Learn To Improvise Like A Ninja!

  • Play Jazz And Blues Like A Boss

  • The No 1 Playing Technique That Will Change Your Life

Breakthrough Playing Based Method

Traditional piano lessons in Colac and live online piano lessons use a reading-based approach.  We use a non-traditional playing-based piano method called Simply Music.

With the Simply Music method you learn how to play the piano by playing the piano.  Using single thought processes makes this method so simple everyone can learn to play.  It’s easy to follow and a lot of fun.  It focuses on the sheer joy of playing the piano.

You will play great sounding songs, with both hands together from your very first lessons.  Within your first year of lessons, you will be playing a variety of genres of music including pop, classical, blues and accompaniments.  You will have between 30-60 songs in your repertoire that you can play anytime, anywhere.

After about a year of lessons, we then teach you how to read music.

It doesn’t have to take months or years for you to learn to play music with the Simply Music method.  We have beginning students play songs, not boring scales or drills.  Picture this:  the joy of you or your child being able to play great sounding music after just a few lessons.

No Exams

We want to concentrate on the joy of playing great music.  We don’t need to worry about a piece of paper that says you are at a certain level.

At the end of the day, being able to play the music you love is what matters.

To read more, go to Our Programs – Simply Music Piano Lessons Page.

The App

piano lessons in Colac live online piano lessons Geelong
  • Innovative Practice App

  • Keep’s track of students practice

  • Practice can be fun, social and engaging

We Use Modern Technology

Want to ask your teacher a question during the week about your practice?  With our practice app, students can message the teacher outside their lesson and get a quick response.  No more waiting until next lesson to ask questions.  In addition, our student home materials provide you with a video of the lesson.  You can review with the video as many times as you need to during the week.

Better Practice App

You will get to play along to fantastic, professionally produced backing tracks.  Feel the elation of playing in a band as you play along on the piano.

It’s all there for you on the Better Practice App.

The Lab

piano lessons in Colac live online piano lessons Geelong
  • Accelerated Practice Environment
  • Immediate Feedback From Tutor

  • No More Nagging From Parents

  • The Secret Of “Forcing” Students To Practice Without Forcing

  • An Indispensable Help To Busy Parents

The Power-of-Two Accelerated Practice Lab

piano lessons in Colac live online piano lessons GeelongThe Power-of-Two is an unique lesson/practice combo that will have you change the way you think about music lessons and practice.

The Better Practice App tells you WHAT to practice –  the Power of Two tells you WHEN to practice. It makes a gigantic difference in terms of remembering what you have learned.

By structuring lessons and practice in a specific way, the Power-of-Two enables our students to practice less and achieve more. Parents love this as they don’t have to nag their children to practice. We lend a helping hand so parents have more free time and peace of mind. Piano lessons in C0lac, Geelong, Lara, Warrnambool and live online piano lessons have become easier.

Created by Alex Nguyen and used under licence.

For more information on the Power-of-Two, watch our video presentation.

More Than Just Piano Lessons

Our expert coaching has students understand the commitment and work it takes to succeed at playing the piano. Not only does this give students the gift of being able to play music as a life long companion, students are able to use the coaching tools learned in their piano lessons in other areas of their lives. Students have a sense of achievement and parents are proud of their child’s ability.

piano lessons in Colac live online piano lessons Geelong

“The piano lessons with you are one of the best things I have done. You have given us a wonderful passion that will continue with us.”  

Angela Heiss, Student and Parent, Perth WA

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Want The Benefits Of Playing Music As A Life Long Companion?

Call us today or sign up online for a FREE Introductory Session. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you are going to learn this way. Piano lessons in Colac live online piano lessons Geelong can be easy and fun.

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